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Major Street Publishing (MSP) is an independently-owned publishing company that specialises in personal investment and business books, ebooks, newsletters and other publications. Founded by Lesley Williams in 2009, the aim is to educate readers to save, make, invest and manage their finances or their business. Expert authors write on all aspects of personal finance – from property and sharemarket investing to taxation, superannuation and money management, as well as other business-related topics.

You can browse our books in the online store and purchase books from this site or all good bookstores. All our books are available as ebooks from your favourite ebook suppliers. If you are interested in purchasing multiple copies, please email info@majorstreet.com.au for further information.

Property books

  • The Armchair Guide to Property Investing
  • Sold Above Market
  • claim it
    Claim It! A Property Investor's Guide to Depreciation
  • how to achieve property success
    How to Achieve Property Success


Business books

  • Strictly (Mining) Boardroom II
  • Difference Makers
  • Step Up
  • Eyes Wide Open

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