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Welcome to the Major Street website. Here you will find information about our publishing company, the books we publish and the publishing services we offer.

New Books from Major Street Publishing

We are currently revising and reprinting Keep It Super Simple by Barbara Smith and Ed Koken. This practical guide is for trustees of Self Managed Superannuation Funds. Super seems to be constantly changing which is why we have taken the opportunity to update this reprint to take on board new rulings and legislation. You can pre-order your copy so that you receive it in time to read it before the end of the financial year and ensure that your fund is compliant with the changes.

Peter Wilson's best-selling Make Mentoring Work quickly became a must-read for mentors and mentees alike. In April we will be publishing the fully updated and revised second edition. We are now taking re-publication orders. Just follow the link to order and we will send your copy hot off the press. Our second new release which follows in June is a book on becoming a director and working with your fellow board-members, Eyes Wide Open by Robyn Weatherley. We'll bring you more details as they come to hand.

Major Street Property Investing Books and ebooks

At Major Street we specialise in writing, editing, producing and publishing property investing books, ebooks and other communications.  We have recently worked with  Katie Marshall on her book Chicks and Mortar - A woman's guide to investing in property. Currently we are working with Lucas Rogers from the Rogers Property Group on his new book, The Complete Guide to Property Investing in Australia. We acknowledge that sometimes it's hard to decide which is the right property book for you, so we give a quick list and synopsis on the property book page.

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You can access our fortnightly blog and keep abreast of relevant publishing issues and news and views on business, property and personal investing topics.  Why not take a look? Just click on the far right-hand tab at the top of the home page. We'd also love you to follow Major Street on Facebook and Twitter.

Enquire about our Publishing Services

At Major Street we offer publishing services.
If you need help writing or producing newsletters, blogs or ebooks visit the publishing services page.

Buying Books

There is a shopping cart on this website if you'd like to order any of our books.
If you have any problems, we are happy to take phone orders - just call 0421 707 983 and have your credit card details handy. All Major Street books are available in good bookstores - physical and online - and as ebooks from your favourite ebookseller.

Enjoy browsing our site and finding out about all our books and the publishing services we offer.

Lesley Williams

Director, Major Street Publishing






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Keep it Super Simple - Revised edition

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