Kieran Duck


Kieran Duck has over 25 years’ experience in running complex projects and transforming organisations, both as a consultant and as an executive responsible for delivery. He has redesigned and rescued multi-billion-dollar projects, and led business transfor­mations that open up new possibilities and ways of working for organisations and the people within them using the techniques outlined in his first book The Complex Project Toolkit.

He has presented globally on using design thinking to drive step changes in business transformations and has been a keynote speaker at offsites for companies looking to improve their strategy and program delivery performance. He has presented at univer­sity courses on project and change management.

Holding a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Master of Business Administration, Kieran has a strong analytical back­ground. However, spending three years in a design firm opened up a whole new language and toolkit for him. Drawing upon that experience, he developed this unique approach to project management.