Michael Kemp

Dr Michael Kemp completed an MBA from Monash University before embarking on a career in corporate finance during the mid-1980s bull market. As a young financier he was awarded the Ian Roach Prize for achieving first place nationally among employees of the Australian Securities Exchange studying for the Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment.

Michael Kemp graduated from the University of Melbourne and has subsequently gained two master’s degrees, including the MBA from Monash University.

His financial career has included working in the treasury department of the Australian Wheat Board, as a trader for Bankers Trust and in the corporate finance department of stockbroking firm Potter Warburg (both in Australia and London). For nine years he was the chief investment analyst for the Barefoot Blueprint newsletter.

Today Michael spends his time with family and friends, travelling, investing on his personal account, and writing articles and recording podcasts for a business consultancy firm.

To Michael, finance has always been a passion, never a job. The Ulysses Contract is his third investment book.