Paul Benson

Paul Benson has been providing financial planning advice for more than 20 years, initially as an employee of one of Australia’s major banks, and since 2005 as the principal of his own firm Guidance Financial Services.

Paul’s passion for financial independence comes from working with clients over so many years: seeing the different journeys of people’s lives, what brings them happiness, and what causes stress and worry.

Paul launched his Financial Autonomy podcast in 2017. Initially it was produced entirely as a family affair – Paul recorded the audio, his son created the theme music and did the editing, and his wife provided the outro. Today Financial Autonomy is one of the most popular personal finance podcasts in Australia.
Paul holds a Bachelor of Business in Economics and Finance, and is a Certified Financial Planner.

When not thinking about finances, Paul enjoys family time with his wife and two teenage sons. He loves playing board games – Settlers of Catan being a particular favourite – running, orienteering, and getting down to Williamstown beach during the warmer months for an ocean swim.

Financial Autonomy is his first book.