Stuart Wemyss

Stuart Wemyss is a qualified chartered accountant, independent financial adviser and mortgage broker with over 20 years’ experience. His business, ProSolution Private Clients, has helped hundreds of people invest successfully. Stuart is licensed to provide financial, credit and tax advice, which means hes able to give holistic advice.

Stuart has always believed in the need for people to be able to access trustworthy, independent financial advice. Nothing upsets him more than to hear about selfish advisers ripping off their unsuspecting clients!  This passion is what drives him daily to write books and blogs, publish podcasts, appear in the media, advise his clients, mentor his staff and give presentations – whatever it takes to help more people access a source of unbiased information and advice.

Stuart is married, lives in Melbourne and has two children. He is a passionate Cats supporter (AFL) and loves a glass of wine (or three)!

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