4 finance books to spend less, save more and take control of your money

In a cost-of-living crisis it's easy to feel overwhelmed when we think about our finances. There's so much information about how we should be saving, investing and spending our money that it's hard to know the right way forward. This is especially exacerbated at this time of year, with Christmas and a very busy social season approaching. 

We've put together a list of four incredible finance books for anyone who is ready to take control of their money, organise their finances and enjoy their life.

It’s entirely possible to ditch your mortgage in just 10 years, saving you both time and money – and this fascinating book shows you how. Bestselling author, podcaster and money coach Serina Bird helps you understand your money, manage your loan and pay less interest on your journey to home ownership. She also shares small, frugal changes that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the long term.

Buying Happiness by Kate Campbell

While happiness can’t be bottled up and purchased at a store, by taking control of your finances and thinking a little more deeply about the way you use your resources, you can improve your life. Perfect for readers at the very start of their personal finance journey, or those already encountering bumps along the road, Buying Happiness from host of the Australian Finance Podcast Kate Campbell is the ultimate guide for anyone who is ready to dream, live, travel and grow.

Kids Ain't Cheap by Ana Kresina

Kids Ain’t Cheap offers parents a much-needed guide to successfully navigate the costs of raising a family and reduce financial stress. From the co-host of Get Rich Slow Club, this book gives parents the skills to run cost estimates, understand their loss of earning potential, get their finances in order, start investing for their family and set their children up for their own financial success.

Spending, Fast and Slow by Max Phelps

Ever find yourself wondering where all your money goes? You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault. You can blame technology, marketing, society at large and even your own brain – they all try to keep you spending, despite your best efforts. In this book award-winning mortgage broker and money coach Max Phelps introduces a system that triggers you to think before you spend so you can make better decisions every day – and ultimately get more out of life.

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