We are so happy to announce Ana Kresina will join to MSP list to publish 

Kids Ain’t CheapHow to plan financially for parenthood and your family's future in November 2023.

Hailing from Canada, Ana is the mother of two small children and a content creator who works in the financial technology sector.

Her love of personal finance, parenthood, and technology is apparent in both the content she creates, documenting her journey to financial independence, and as Head of Product and Community at Pearler.

She is the co-host of two of Australia’s leading podcasts, the Get Rich Slow Club podcast and ETFs for Beginners.

Parenthood can be financially overwhelming, with most new parents not knowing how to navigate the new costs associated with raising their little ones.

Kids Ain't Cheap takes you from pre-pregnancy financial planning to the expensive childcare years and beyond, offering friendly and easy-to-understand advice to help you prepare for expected and unexpected costs, and let you focus on what is most important to you – your family.

Pre-order details coming soon. Connect with Ana on LinkedIn

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