Annie McCubbin is back with the follow up to her award-winning book Why Smart Women Make Bad Decisions: And how critical thinking can protect them titled Why Smart Women Buy the Lies: And how critical thinking reveals the truth, which will hit bookstores in May 2023.

Annie is an actor, author and corporate communication consultant and coach who has trained thousands of female leaders to develop evidence-based perspectives and the courage to speak up.

As the Director of COUP, her corporate work is highly regarded as an outstanding synthesis of dramatic art, management consulting and applied neuroscience.

Her debut book, Why Smart Women Make Bad Decisionsis a laugh out loud, narrative-driven self-help book (think Bridget Jones gets a critical makeover) that follows protagonist Kat navigating scenarios filled with common cognitive quirks that drive her faulty thinking and behaviour.

Why Smart Women Buy the Lies picks up where this book left off, and explains through Kat's humorous story why women are often vulnerable to liars and scammers, and teaches us how to use critical thinking to protect ourselves against trusting the wrong people.

Pre-order information coming soon. Connect with Annie on LinkedIn.

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