We are very happy to welcome Domenic Nesci to the Major Street list with his book You Won't F*ck It Up: Buying property is easier than you think, out April 2022.

Dom fell in love with real estate at a very young age, from driving around with his mother looking at houses and dreaming of being able to afford them. She would tell him how much the houses had cost years earlier and estimate how much they were worth now. These property owners had made fortunes, and this inspired Dom to seek the same financial security for his family.

Now in his mid-30s, Dom has spent over a decade in the property development industry working with top firms and agencies. He has bought and sold more than billion dollars’ worth of real estate and has a multi-million-dollar property portfolio himself. His passion for property has driven his desire to help others through his real estate investment business, Wealthi.

You Won't F*ck It Up is a no-nonsense and empowering guide for novice and experienced home buyers and investors where Dom outlines his seven go-to investment strategies and provides friendly, practical and realistic advice.

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  • Great achievement, very well written
    So very proud mate ❤️❤️

    Vince Nesci

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