We are extremely excited to announce multi-award-winning scientific futurist Dr Catherine Ball will be joining the MSP list to publish her debut book Converge: A futurist’s insights into the potential of our world as technology and humanity collide in November 2022.

Dr Catherine is one of Australia’s leading scientific futurists and tech influencers. For years she has wowed audiences, boardrooms, university students and thousands of online followers with her vision for the future, combining her understanding of current technologies with predictions of where they are heading, and the pitfalls, challenges and opportunities along the way.

She is global visioneer to XPRIZE, an advisor to the Schmidt Ocean Institute and an Associate Professor at the Australian National University, as well as a globally award-winning leader in the drone industry and a sought-after public speaker and consultant in the tech, startup, and futurist worlds.

In Converge she takes us on an astounding journey through the next big technology breakthroughs that have the potential to solve many of the challenges humanity is facing and the possibilities for a world where humans fully embrace technology.

Watch this space for pre-order details soon!

Connect with Dr Catherine on LinkedIn.

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