We couldn't be happier to announce award-winning thought leader, motivational speaker and leading advocate against workplace bullying and harassment Jessica Hickman will be publishing her book The Upstander Leader: How to develop a speak-up culture with us in October!

Jessica is an advocate of the Upstander Movement and is the Founder and Director of Bullyology, an organisation that offers consulting and workshops for C-Suite executives, business owners, leaders and employees on how to create a psychologically safe, thriving workplace culture free from bullying, harassment and toxicity while harnessing inclusivity.

The Upstander Leader is an inspiring and informative guide for a new generation of leaders who are ready to speak up against toxic behaviour and bullying in the workplace, offering a 5-step model to encourage leaders to develop a speak-up culture, make a difference and champion real change in their organisations.  

Watch this space for pre-order details soon!

Connect with Jessica on LinkedIn.

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