Financial educator and podcast host Kate Campbell will be joining the MSP list to publish Buying Happiness: Learn to invest your time and money better, out in bookstores 29th August. 

Kate loves talking to anyone who will listen about one of our most taboo (but very important) topics: money. She hosts one of Australia’s top-ranking finance podcasts, the Australian Finance Podcast, which attracts 70,000 listeners each month.

At Rask Media you can find her doing everything from writing articles on personal finance, creating free online courses and running the Rask online community. She also created the Rask FIRE course, which includes hundreds of great resources.

Previously, Kate worked at Citigroup, InvestSMART and Timelio where she sharpened her teeth in the industry with multiple financial operations and investment administration roles.

In Buying Happiness, she offers an optimistic roadmap to building a life you love by making small but meaningful changes in your financial life, including strategies to set financial goals you’re excited to achieve, invest your first $5 in the stock market and how to reach financial freedom so you can free up 40+ hours every week.

Connect with Kate on LinkedIn. Pre-order details coming soon.

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