AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Lizzie Williamson

We are thrilled to welcome Lizzie Williamson to MSP to publish The Active Workday Advantage: Unlock the secret ingredient for optimal energy, wellbeing and performance at work in February 2024.

Lizzie Williamson is on a mission to inspire people to incorporate more movement into their day to transform how they work and feel.

When she became a mum of two and experienced post-natal depression, she launched Two Minute Moves – now a global movement dedicated to making healthier habits more achievable.

She has energised hundreds-of-thousands of attendees around the world on both small and large-scale meetings and conferences, featuring President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington and the Dalia Lama.

Along with being a certified personal trainer, integrative nutrition health coach, and workplace wellness expert, she is a sought-after media commentator who has been featured on Good Morning America, Studio 10, TODAY, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, Women’s Health, and Prevention Magazine.

Based on cutting-edge research and real-world examples, The Active Workday Advantage provides practical tips and strategies for using movement breaks, mindfulness moments, active meetings, and more to improve focus, reduce stress, and boost energy levels throughout the day.

Pre-order details coming soon. Connect with Lizzie on LinkedIn, Instagram and her website

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