Property expert Luke Harris is back to publish an updated and revised edition of Let's Get Real: A realistic approach to investing in property in any market in August 2023.

Luke has an extraordinary depth and breadth of personal experience across business, property and investing covering more than two decades. 

Today, Luke continues to grow significant wealth through his personal portfolio and for his clients at The Property Mentors, a Melbourne-based agency that helps clients develop the skills, mindset and knowledge to grow their property portfolio and reach financial freedom. He is the author of Let’s Get Real: Revised Edition and Property Fit.

Let’s Get Real is a call to action to all Australians who want to take control of their destiny and fulfil their life goals. Luke believes that most property investors don’t succeed because they approach investing in the wrong way – it’s not about the property, it’s about the investor. In this updated and revised edition, investors will learn how to have the correct mindset, understand their motivation and define their goals.

Pre-order details coming soon. Connect with Luke on LinkedIn.

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