Author Spotlight: Michael Kemp

We are thrilled to announce Michael Kemp is joining the MSP list to publish his third investment book The Ulysses Contract: How to never worry about the share market again in April 2023.

Dr Michael Kemp commenced his career in finance during the mid-1980s bull market. He has worked as a trader for Bankers Trust, an interest rate liability manager for the Australian Wheat Board, and in the Corporate Finance department of stockbroking firm Potter Warburg (both in Australia and London).

Most recently he worked for nine years as an investment analyst for Scott Pape, the Barefoot Investor.

As a young financier he was awarded the Ian Roach Prize for achieving first place nationally among employees of the Australian Securities Exchange studying for the Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment.

Today he spends his time with family and friends, travelling and investing on his personal account.

The Ulysses Contract is a masterfully written guide to financial freedom that will teach you how to avoid common share market traps and create a watertight plan for long-term investment success.

Pre-order information coming soon.


  • I will be watching for the release.

    John Hanlon
  • I knew 2023 was going to be a good year on some level and another book from Dr Michael Kemp is all the proof I need. Will be waiting with bated breath. I hope Michael does the podcast circuit because his unique viewpoint would be so very welcome.

  • I’ve read the other books by Mike and really looking forward to this new book. Peter

    Peter Leonard

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