AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Redfern

Award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist Michelle Redfern is joining the MSP list to publish The Leadership Compass: The ultimate guide for women leaders to reach their full potential on 26 March 2024.

Michelle's expertise lies in helping organisations in the business and sports industries develop and implement effective DEI strategies. Additionally, she works directly with women leaders to support their career advancement.

She is the founder of Advancing Women in Business and Sport and a co-founder of Lead to Soar, a multi-platform resource that includes an online network, podcast, and leadership summit for women. She is also the host of the Advancing Women in Sport podcast.

The Leadership Compass provides actionable insights and activities for women to successfully navigate workplace systems that are still not designed to let them advance so they can have a life and career that soars.

Pre-order details coming soon. Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn

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