Author Spotlight: Paul Taylor

We are super thrilled to welcome Paul Taylor to the MSP list to publish Death by Comfort: How modern life is killing us and what we can do about it, out 8 November 2022.

A former British Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, Paul Taylor is an exercise physiologist, nutritionist and neuroscientist who is currently completing a PhD in Applied Psychology, where he is developing and testing resilience strategies with the Australian Defence Science Technology Group and The University of Newcastle.

He is the Director of The Mind-Body-Brain Performance Institute, where he delivers resilience, leadership and executive performance workshops. In 2010 he created and co-hosted the TV series Body and Brain Overhaul and he appeared regularly on The Biggest Loser TV series as a subject matter expert. In 2010 and 2015, he was voted Australian Fitness Industry presenter of the year.

Backed by powerful research on neuroscience, anthropology and nutrition, Death by Comfort is a fascinating read that explores exactly what’s wrong with our modern lives and explains what we need to do in order to survive and thrive in the modern world.

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  • Sounds like an interesting read – any additional knowledge to the existing pool of knowledge on how to live our lives better must add value.

    Stephen smith

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