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At its core, Turning Right by Kay Bretz is about believing in ourselves, controlling the mind, and letting go to rise above any challenge.

A key attribute of Turning Right is its universal appeal. Although Kay Bretz, a world-renowned runner, shares his story intertwined with impressive global marathon experiences, an affinity for running is not required to comprehend the messages conveyed. Kay’s quests that span days of continuous running are symbolic of persevering through the turns, unknowns, and journeys of life. Kay explains, “My quest is around transforming who we think we are to reach our highest aspirations.”

Meaning of Success

Surface success is different than internal success. Kay was an accomplished marathon runner since high school. He pursued a master’s degree in International Business and Doctorate in European Law. Kay then became a management consultant for top tier McKinsey & Company. However, constant jet lag and up to 100-hour work weeks left Kay drained. Fortunately, his career at McKinsey opened doors to corporate senior management opportunities. A more normal work routine meant he was able to reconnect with his passion for running. Still, something inside Kay needed to come alive. This is when the story goes deeper into must read territory.

Retraining the Brain

The mind-body aspect of this story is intriguing. The mind is a powerful tool when used advantageously. However, Kay realises he has much work to do. He thinks too much, plans for worst case scenarios, fears failure, talks negatively (to himself), resists discomfort, limits beliefs, and avoids judgement. Kay says, “I wanted to leave behind my old, well-measured self, who only committed to safe options.” Retraining his brain becomes as hard as any ultramarathon.

Relatable emotions are felt on each soul-searching page. Readers can sense and visualize Kay’s physical and mental struggles. Kay reveals, “The solution is not external; it is within us. The path requires us to leave the world we are familiar with and embrace the unknown. The key step is that first one—crossing the threshold into the unknown. That is when we allow transformation to take place.”

Redefining Success

Kay’s perception of success changes after his mindset shifts. His story teaches readers that success spans various aspects of life. Most importantly, we choose how our own lives unfold; we decide how we feel and think. Ultimately, Kay learns to stay calm and accept any outcome. A 350-kilometre ultramarathon challenges Kay to run from the heart and feel the moment.

Turning Right

The first step in “turning right” is reading this unique book. Then, eliminate fear and watch what happens. Let go. Embrace curiosity. Conquer new challenges. Feel alive. Uncover newfound happiness. Trust intuition. Leap bravely into a different job or career. Meet kindred spirits. Make lasting friendships. Find a new life. In the end, Turning Right will “inspire the magic” to help reveal a better version of you.

Jennifer Musser – Guiding Strategic Purpose, Managing Member, JLM & Associates Consulting, LLC

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