Book Review: Curious Habits by Luke Mathers

Luke Mathers' latest release Curious Habits is an easy read of insight and storytelling.

If you've ever caught yourself wondering 'why the hell did I just do that?', then you'll be intrigued and educated with these pages.

From sea squirts to tigers, the book takes you from the initial concept of identifying your habits and then getting curious about them. You'll be coached off your default paths and encouraged to make new, conscious paths to where you want to be.

It might sound hard, yet the way in which the book is structured, you'll be guided through many of the most common habits which we cling to. And I say many, because I related to most of them!

Like all good things, applying the learnings takes time and effort, yet as the new path itself becomes well worn, it too becomes easier. By being curious, we understand more about why we do what we do, we react the way we do, which in turn we can have greater control over.

There are too many great stories and reference points to mention in this review. We can all resonate with a child's curiosity, a pot plant unable to grow, un-watered in a shady corner or self-talk that sabotages you. You'll gain great insight on both why and how to get curious on this, and so much more. 

Review by Melissa Ryan – Head of Trade Engagement & Special Projects at Tabcorp

Curious Habits: Why we do what we do and how to change is available now.

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