Book Review: Dear Digital, We need to talk by Dr Kristy Goodwin

Dear Digital, We need to talk... by Dr Kristy Goodwin is a book that disburses scientifically backed guidance for anyone feeling disconnected from their life, yet over connected to the world, in both the home and office.

Like a lot of great reads, Dr Goodwin sets the scene with some personal stories of the way in which digital devices are creeping (insert: overtaking) our daily lives. I found these narratives sometimes hitting close too home. Especially close if you’ve caught public transport or been to a kids sport event lately. Our distraction with the all-encompassing mobile device is said to cost us 17 years of our lives. What a waste.

The book begins with a ‘digital diagnosis’. I’m really glad this wasn’t an exercise with tick boxes to diagnose the dire state of my condition! As a manager of people, giving credence to all of the symptoms listed would be the first step in acknowledging your problem… yes, I’m looking at you! I’ve been in discussions where these same feelings have been raised and dismissed in startling succession, which displays the extent of the problem.

In today’s push to be more agile in our approach on where and when we work, I see great benefit from understanding everything we can about how devices impact our brains, causing neurobiological changes, to help ourselves, teams and families find sustainable ways to integrate technology into our lives. This book provides many (36 to be precise) micro habits to achieve digital peak performance and reset our boundaries without fear of #digitaldetox.

Whilst I have followed Dr Goodwin’s advice and taken a considered approach to the changes I’m making, just by reading this book, acknowledging the problem isn’t localised to me, and providing relevant and achievable micro habits, I’m already seeing differences. You too can regain some control, creativity and boundaries by making small by meaningful changes. When you're done, grab your boss a copy too.

And no, the irony isn’t lost on me that I read this book and you’re reading this review on a digital platform. Learning from the book, I know when and how to get the best of it and my time and you can too.

- Review by Melissa Ryan

Dear Digital, We need to talk: A guilt-free guide to taming your tech habits and thriving in a distracted world is available now. 


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