Book Review I There Has To Be More by Rachel Service

There Has To Be More by Rachel Service is a straightforward personal growth mindset resource for readers who have experienced the feeling of wanting more, in any aspect of their life, and are ready to act. The author’s positive intent to lead us toward a fulfilling life we can enjoy on our own terms shines through the print. She hooks us in the first pages by revealing, “The only thing you can control about outgrowing your life is what you choose to do about it. And I’m here to tell you that you have choices, you have power and, with this book, you have a toolkit to make changes that reflect who you’ve become.”

Ask Questions

This therapeutic book is about creating a life we choose, according to our own beliefs, expectations, and definitions (of success and failure). The author includes useful self-reflection exercises to help guide deeper, more productive thinking and revelations to questions along the lines of how did we get to where we are? How do we solve our own problems? How do we build a positive, strong support system? How do we achieve a better life?

Conquer Fears

The way we navigate fear becomes part of our story. The author walks us through some fears including being judged by others, letting folks down, leaving our comfort zone, failing to meet expectations, and perhaps the most common, fear of failing. We are reminded that how others react to us reflects how they view themselves. If we don’t control of our response, our happiness suffers, not theirs. This part is relatable. Fortunately, we can learn how to provide our own joy, act confidently, and surround ourselves with folks who fuel, rather than drain us.

Move Away

Growth resides on the other side of fear. To arrive there, we must devote hard work and courage. Perhaps one of the most useful exercises of this book is to commit to move away from what no longer serves us. Then, reflect on what we desire, while discovering our own definition of success and failure rather than versions we absorb from others. The author encourages readers to progress toward what we want by coaching, “You get to trademark your own version of success.”

Grow More

Continuous expansion is required to achieve more. This meaty part of the book walks through two parts to the growth equation: self-awareness and self-discipline in an easy to digest way. Rachel Service sums up growth phases into five steps: Own it, Find your way back, What do you want, Game plan, and Take the first step. Get ready for mental clarity and revelations, including confirmation that certain relationships and things no longer belong with us; and that is ok.

Embrace Upgrades

Once we reach a new level, it’s time to embrace the upgrades. We can learn to stop doubting, forget “should”, quiet the inner critic, rethink perfectionism, let go of unsupportive ones. Forge ahead, confidently, and patiently, toward a happier reality by reading this take-charge book.

by Jennifer L. Musser

JLM & Associates

There Has To Be More: The Essential Guide to Personal Growth by Rachel Service is available now. 

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