Book Review: Live the Life You Want With the Money You Have by Vince Scully

In 2020/21 we all experienced disruption to our life and plans.  We either experienced or witnessed the global economic consequences of job losses, financial market crashes and health threats that impacted our ability to earn an income. 

Has this been a wake-up call to you?  Do you want to take control of your future and live the life you want with the money you have?  If yes, this book by Vince Scully will take you through 8 practical steps to achieve this goal.  Learn how to review your spending habits, build an emergency stash, pay off your debts, choose the right insurance, understand super, save up for your first home and make investments

This book will help you whether you are a low or high income earner.  No special skills required.  No tricks or gimmicks, just a proven common-sense approach.  As Vince says, “most of it is about behaviour and attitude, not complex mathematics and technical finance stuff”.

I can attest that following the advice in this book will set you up to live the life you want with the money you have.  My wife and I started our journey with a financial planner 15 years ago.  Following the advice we received, we are now able to life the life we want with the money we have.  I am passionate about this topic and the advice I give to clients largely mirrors what Vince Scully has presented.

In the book Vince takes you through the process of working out what truly matters to you from which you develop a life plan.  With this as a base, Vince will help you to develop a spending plan and then help you build the money skills to execute the plan.  Each chapter ends with a useful summary that you can revisit regularly without having to reread the chapter.

– Review by Walter Mitchell, Money and Lifestyle Coach (

Live the Life You Want With the Money You Have by Vince Scully is available now.


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