Book Review: Live the Life You Want With the Money You Have by Vince Scully

Most budgets don’t work because they are like ill fitting “off the rack suits” which uncomfortably pinch and chafe in all the wrong places until you toss it off in disgust.

Vince’s 35 years experience practising as an accountant and financial planner shines through his detailed guide to tailoring the budget to exactly fit the shape of your lifestyle preferences, like a bespoke tailored suit that drapes comfortably across your shoulders and gives you the freedom to move.

Vince’s book is much better than The Barefoot Investor whose financial planning approach is more generic “off the shelf” advice using a few gimmicks to create the illusion that budgeting is easy to do, while lacking similar detailed guidance on making adjustments to fit your needs and wants.

This book offers a truly comprehensive approach to maximising your spending to satisfy your needs while living comfortably within your financial means.

– Keith of @keith_invests

Live the Life You Want With the Money You Have by Vince Scully is available now.

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