Book Review: Mind over Money by Evan Lucas

Mind over Money
by Evan Lucas tackles the financial well-being space from a totally new angle.  Most books in this genre seek to educate readers on how they can improve their financial well-being through budgeting, saving and investing strategies.  This is the approach I take with my clients.  

Managing our money is more than just about finance, it is deeply tied up with our emotions. The author encourages readers to explore the psychological impact their beliefs and emotions have on their financial behaviours.

The book emphasises the importance of understanding your personal money behaviour and provides tools for exploring them. 

The author is clear that their is no one-size-fits-all approach to money. There are multiple options and scenarios because we are all aiming for different things, in different timeframes and with different amounts of money. 

This book will take you on journey of discovery, thinking about your beliefs, biases, habits and even the culture you live in. It all impacts the money decisions you make.

I believe I will be able to use some of the tools to improve the advice I am able to offer clients. A thought provoking but  easy read that I highly recommend.

– Review by Walter Mitchell, Money and Lifestyle Coach (

Mind over Money: Why understanding your money behaviour will improve your financial freedom by Evan Lucas is out now.

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