BOOK REVIEW: The 7% Club by Jenny Stilwell

Review by Melissa Ryan

Having just completed Jenny Stilwell's The 7% Club, I find myself at a loss for words. In a world rapidly shrinking in size, with boundaries blurring and competition escalating, the prospect of a guide to elevate your earnings beyond a $2 million turnover is undeniably appealing.

As technology paves the way for easier customer reach, staying ahead of the game is essential. 

Stilwell's book offers a seemingly simple yet profoundly effective solution.

However, be forewarned: this isn't a one-time read. It's a treasure trove of information that demands multiple revisits.

Every piece of information is purposefully placed, strategically guiding readers through the intricacies of robust planning and execution, all in pursuit of their dreams. 

What sets this book apart is its wealth of practicality. Stilwell doesn't just provide theoretical concepts; she furnishes readers with templates, frameworks, and, most importantly, real-life examples.

These stories of clients who have embarked on similar journeys and reaped tangible results make the process relatable. By stepping into their shoes, readers can envision their own successes while meticulously planning their path. 

The book lays solid foundations by encouraging introspection—acknowledging strengths and weaknesses within oneself and the team before taking the initial steps.

It doesn't shy away from the challenging aspects either. Stilwell candidly shares her own experiences, serving as a beacon to steer readers away from potential pitfalls. 

One particular passage resonates profoundly: "The CEO who seeks advice and continually strives to improve stands worlds apart from the frantic business owner who resists counsel, ignores offered advice, and staunchly clings to control, unwilling to trust anyone else." 

If you recognise yourself or someone you know in these words, then The 7% Club is more than a book—it's a timeless gift that keeps on giving. 

The 7% Club: How to be one of the 7% of businesses that make it beyond $2M in turnover by Jenny Stilwell is out now.

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