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Financial Autonomy by Paul Benson

Financial Autonomy is a book anyone can easily engage with. The first part of the book is around goal setting and cash flow and these should be taught in schools as they are invaluable lessons no matter your situation.

I easily related to Paul’s notion that being wealthy in the classic Scrooge McDuck sense is not actually the end point most of us seek – rather it is to seek choice. For me this was to have enough wealth by age 30 to have choices – choices about where I live, how much I work and doing what makes me happy.  This theme is maintained throughout the book.

Unlike most financial wealth books, Financial Autonomy does not focus on making as much money as possible. It does, however, explore choices, and it clearly and simply explains strategies to gain financial autonomy.  It is written in such a way that everyone can understand the concepts but, probably more importantly, in a way that the reader will have a sense that they are in control of their financial autonomy and they can achieve it.

I also think Financial Autonomy would be a good book for couples to each read, and then come together to discuss their financial autonomy. The book creates a common level of knowledge and with the associated workbook and questions gives a good base to start making informed decisions.

I really enjoyed reading this book.

Stephen Barnes, CEO, Byronvale Advisors Pty Ltd

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