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Cocooning at home this wintry evening, I endure Victoria’s Stage 4 lockdown, by reading a new book from Major Street publishing.

Paul Benson’s Financial Autonomy, distills 20 years of financial planning wisdom into a dose of knowledge aimed at curing our financial anxieties by focusing our choices to build a personal roadmap to achieving financial autonomy.

Paul’s flow chart starts with defining your goal and suggesting how to achieve them. He discusses how managing our cash flows affect our ability to save and ability to choose from three different paths on our roadmap to financial autonomy.

Paul’s 13-question Self Assessment quiz allows you to select one or two pathways that best suits your temperament and financial situation.

Paul offers you a free workbook to complete your own personal investment roadmap. His regular emails and online courses provide you further support after you read his book and are looking for further guidance.

The Pandemic may have knocked you off your previous financial path, but this book is a highly recommended guide to getting out of the financial weeds and back onto a safer path of your choosing.

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