What does a business book publisher really do?

Forgive me if this seems to be a silly question but it is one I have been pondering over the weekend while reading the excellent book Truth, Growth, Repeat by Mike Edmonds.

When asked: ‘What does a business book publisher do?’ the obvious answers are:

  • We edit your manuscript;
  • We design your cover;
  • We create the internal page design;
  • We proofread, index and print your book.

Then you’d expect a publisher to market, promote and sell your books. Blah, blah, blah.

However, when I think about the books we publish at Major Street, I come up with different answers.

Major Street partners with business book authors

The majority of our authors have taken time out of their very busy schedules to write a book which will help them develop new business, establish them as an expert or ‘thought leader’ and give potential clients an idea of where their expertise lies.

For most of our authors, the services I list above are a given. That’s what they expect from a publisher. But what do we do over and above this?

Well, we partner with our authors not just to publish a quality book that will align with their brand, but we assist them to leverage from this book to the greatest extent possible.

Our authors become part of a community

As Major Street authors, they are part of a community of authors who are experts in areas of leadership, personal finance, property investing or self-improvement. We connect our authors with each other if there are synergies between their businesses or opportunities to promote their skills and services. Some of our authors, for example Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway, and Stuart Wemyss have popular podcasts and they have invited fellow Major Street authors to appear as guests on these.

We seek to add value to your book and business

At Major Street, we seek out speaking opportunities and guest blogging opportunities for our authors. We share their social media posts and feature not just their books, but their business achievements in our social media posts. And we create lasting relationships which mean authors come back to publish their next books with us.

Our aim is to publish and partner with leading business authors for the long-term. You probably might not get rich from your royalty earnings – never say never – but you will have a wider reach, greater profile and another piece in your business growth strategy.

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