COVER REVEAL: I'm Not A Numbers Person by Dr Selena Fisk


I'm Not A Numbers Person: How to make good decisions in a data-rich world is a practical and fascinating guide about how to make informed decisions using the numbers around us so we can work smarter and live better, out May 2022.

Data is everywhere. Smart watches track our steps and heart rate, social media platforms recommend people we might know and products we might like, and map applications suggest when we should leave home depending on the traffic.

From organising your home budget and understanding social media metrics, to running a side hustle or a multi-national, multi-million-dollar organisation, having the mindset ‘but I’m not a numbers person’ is no longer helpful or accurate.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business owner, an emerging leader, or in an executive leadership role, this book from data coach and storyteller Dr Selena Fisk is a must-have guide to understanding data and making decisions in the 21
st century.

I'm Not A Numbers Person: How to make better decisions in a data-rich world
is out May 2022.

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