COVER REVEAL: Mind over Money by Evan Lucas

Evan is a leading economist and Chief Market Strategist at InvestSMART who has been investing and researching global markets for over a decade. 

This book is a life-changing read that will help you understand how your thinking drives your money behaviour so you can master your finances and improve your financial freedom.

There is limitless financial information in our modern-day, connected world. We can find stats, facts, investing approaches, wealth creation hacks and new ways to wealth (think cryptocurrencies).

But Evan Lucas believes we should cut out the external noise and look at ourselves first. What drives our behaviour and attitude to money?

This fascinating book explores the things people do to overcome their money habits and looks to instill tips on how we can make better money decisions just by acknowledging our own learned behaviours.

OUT 11TH OCTOBER - order your pre-publication copy now

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