COVER REVEAL: Service Habits 2nd Edition by Jaquie Scammell

We're thrilled to reveal the cover for Service Habits: 2nd Edition by Australia's leading customer service expert Jaquie Scammell.

Taking inspiration from the design of the first edition, this cover introduces a fresh and modern green colour palette. 


Fully revised and updated for a post-COVID workforce, this practical handbook reveals the 21 key habits service leaders need to lead successful teams and relationships with the people they serve.

As a service leader, you know how to deliver on great results. But we’ve become so focused on systems and speed that we’ve forgotten service still is, and always will be, about building long-lasting relationships – with our teams and our customers.

In Service Habits, customer service expert Jaquie Scammell uncovers the 21 key habits that will leverage your effectiveness as a service leader – and those that limit it.

Based on practices that have been used to improve thousands of people’s relationships at work and with their customers, these habits will enhance your overall team performance and allow you to achieve incredible results by strengthening your relationships with the people you serve.

In the book, you will learn to soften, slow down and be gentle when leading people. As a result, and despite the many distractions of the modern workplace, you will feel more energised, make fewer decisions from a place of fear, become more self-aware, be a better listener and increase trust and value in those you serve both internally and externally.

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