COVER REVEAL: Spending Fast and Slow by Max Phelps

We are excited to reveal the cover of Spending Fast and Slow: Why money disappears so fast and how to slow down the flow by Max Phelps, out in bookstores 31 October.

Max is an award-winning mortgage broker, money coach and #1 Amazon bestselling author who specialises in the psychology of money.

He is a professional property investor and is the founder of boutique mortgage broking agency Golden Eggs.

In Spending Fast and Slow, Max draws inspiration from groundbreaking works like Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow to help readers understand the deep-rooted psychological factors that drive their spending habits, teaching them how to slow down their spending to create a life of financial stability and true abundance.

Cover design by Simone Geary. 

Pre-order your copy from Booktopia, Amazon or our website.

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