Dr Kerry Howells on ABC Melbourne Afternoons with Jacinta Parsons

Dr Kerry Howells started the New Year by chatting to Jacinta Parsons on ABC Melbourne about how to bring gratitude into 2022. 

Christmas is ideally a time of families coming together to celebrate each other and to see in the New Year with a sense of hope, gratitude and connectedness. 

However, we know that for many of us this is just not the case. In fact, Christmas can be a miserable time because it highlights where we have the opposite of gratitude: resentment. We might dread having to connect with relatives to whom we hold a grudge or who can't help saying things that belittle us. We might come from a broken family where resentment comes to the fore as we are forced to connect with family members that we have managed to avoid much of the year and it can bring up old wounds and be a time of dread. 

Listen to Dr Kerry share her insights for how gratitude can help up start the New Year off right here.

Untangling you: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful? by Dr Kerry Howells is available now.

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