Humans vs robots for customer satisfaction

Technology and automation have improved many aspects of our daily human lives in the digital age – we’re able to access information and entertainment at the click of a button and the way we communicate with each other is instantaneous.

But, when it comes to how people interact with businesses and brands, has technology improved our experiences or has it driven a wider gap between the business and its customer?

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In her latest book, Creating a Customer Service Mindset, Jaquie Scammell strongly believes that, when it comes to customer service, there is no substitute for high quality, face-to-face communication between a customer and a brand’s frontline employees.

Jaquie writes:

“How a customer feels when they interact with your brand relies on how your employee makes them feel, while serving them at the frontline.”

I can’t help but agree. When was the last time you raved about a positive customer service experience that was conducted on Facebook Messenger or via live chat? But an exceptional customer service experience that comes from interacting with another human… well, that sticks with you, and customers are more likely to share this kind of experience with their social circle, in turn creating positive word of mouth for the brand or business.

Technology and automation have made it easier and faster for customers to find and get what they want but, when it comes to service, the connection between a business and its customers is vital for a long-term, positive and rewarding relationship.

In the humans vs robots debate, it’s a no-brainer that humans offer businesses a passion for being in service. As Jaquie writes,

“having feelings and knowing how to act when experiencing those feelings is our human gift”.

To offer excellent service to our clients or customers, it is the people at the frontline and their emotional intelligence who will be able to adapt and response more efficiently to customers.

As a customer relations expert, Jaquie advises that brands strike a balance between digital automation and human service: 

“The real challenge for future leaders is to, therefore, embrace technology and automation without compromising emotions and customer relationships”.

Creating a Customer Service Mindset is available from our online bookshop and all good Australian bookstores. You can also download the first chapter free!

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