Mentoring: the value of learning leadership

Mentoring books: a history

Major Street published its first book on mentoring in 2012. The first edition of Make Mentoring Work by Peter Wilson received high praise from notable leaders such as John Howard, Michael Kirby and Li Cunxin. We followed with an updated second edition in 2015, and here we are in 2018 adding another mentoring book to our list – Give Back. Lead Forward by Julian Carle.

Major Street was ahead of the curve

As in the fashion and food industries, the business world often goes through trends, and ‘mentoring’ and ‘leadership’ are hot topics that everyone is talking about this year – you might say Major Street was ahead of its time!

It’s not hard to see why mentoring programs and leadership values are the talk of the town once again. In a time where the rapid approach of artificial intelligence threatens to take so many jobs, it is the soft skills, such as those passed on from a mentor to their mentee, that will give workers the edge in their career journey.

Mentoring books hit the shelves

These topics have flowed through into the business book publishing industry as is evident by the success of #1 New York Times bestselling author Tim Ferriss’ book Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World.

The response to this book shows that readers are interested in mentoring and willing to spend time reading 500-odd pages learning about the benefits.

Why should you be mentor?

Businesses are looking to improve performance and increase profitability by using mentoring programs to build up their leaders from within. As Julian Carle writes in Give Back. Lead Forward, being a mentor provides the following benefits:

  • You’re supporting a future leader and building valuable networks
  • You develop your communication and coaching skills
  • You’re encouraged to practise solutions-based thinking
  • Mentoring brings business opportunities
  • Being a mentor increases your credibility as a leader and it is a sellable skill
  • Leaders who mentor leave a legacy.

Find out more

If you are a leader who is looking to become a mentor or your organisation wants to implement a formal mentoring program, then Give Back. Lead Forward will help to guide you through the process.

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