So, what does a business book publisher do?

Major Street is a publisher, and we publish books on topics such as business, leadership, property, investment and more. We've found that a lot of people don’t really know what a publisher does. People often ask us, ‘So do you print the books?’ or ‘Are you an editor?’ We've given this some thought and here’s what we've come up with.

Publishers have a vision for your book

What most people (and most authors) see as text in a word document, a publisher sees as a book on the shelves – we have this vision throughout the whole publishing process.

Editors check the message

When our editors edit your business book, they are not just fixing up the spelling and correcting your grammar. They are making your writing more readable and ensuring it is pitched at your intended audience.

An editor ensures you are presenting clear arguments, your research is sound and you are engaging your reader.

We get the cover right

A publisher works with the designer to share the vision for your business book. Our designers create a cover that stands out on the book shop shelves, in a thumb nail online, or on your desk – people want to pick it up when they walk by.

Our typesetters design pages that are easy to read, with bullet points and call out quotes, and diagrams to illustrate your key points.

We understand your investment

Most business book authors are experts in their fields. Writing a book takes valuable time away from growing their own business and servicing clients. Publishers recognise the investment in time and effort you spent writing your book.

We try to make sure you have invested wisely. A good publisher is a partner to your business, because your book reflects your brand and your expertise. We can see what that looks like from the first word in your manuscript.

Talk to us about your business book

At Major Street Publishing we have runs on the board when it comes to business book publishing. We're interested in hearing about your business book idea, whether your focus is business management, leadership, property or investment. As you can see from our list, we love helping you get your great ideas between two covers and onto bookshelves.

Check our online shop to see the kinds of book we publish or contact us today to start the conversation about your own book.

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