Turning Right wins 2022 Independent Publisher Book Award

Huge congrats to Kay Bretz who has just won his third award for Turning Right -- Inspire the Magic!

⚡ 2021 Living Now Book Awards - Silver medallist
⚡ 2021 Non-Fiction Book Awards - Gold medallist
⚡ 2022 Independent Publisher Book Awards - Silver medallist

A compelling, award-winning account of marathon runner Kay Bretz’s transformation into one of the best ultra-runners in the world, for fans of David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me.

Ultra-runner Kay Bretz beat the race record of Australia’s Big Red Run by more than five hours and was awarded the Australian Ultra Performance of the Year Award at the 24-hour world championships in France – but it took a significant change in mindset to do it.

In Turning Right, the elite athlete and executive coach shares his fascinating personal journey to success, interweaving his amazing running journey with how he overcame physical, mental and professional challenges to achieve his goals and break records, all by ‘turning right’ when his perspective on what he was capable of started to shift.

Bretz explains how he left behind self-imposed limitations that prevented him from reaching his dreams, often rejecting what was reasonable and logical, and found the magic instead.

Brilliantly interweaving his amazing running journey with the challenges in his professional and personal life, Bretz leaves behind the reasonable and logical to find the magic. His book will inspire the magic in you too.

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