Major Street is launching a podcast to champion its Australian business books!


We are beyond thrilled to announce that we are launching a Major Street podcast!

Your Next Read is a podcast for people who want to be better: better leaders, better with their money, have a better career, or to better understand their own thinking and behaviour. 

Host, author and experienced podcaster Luke Mathers speaks with authors who have written books that will change the way you view the world and help you improve in life and business. 

Find out what drives and motivates these authors to succeed as they reveal personal stories of resilience and courage, who their book is for and what inspired them to share their ideas with the world. Each episode finishes with 5 rapid fire questions that will leave the listener thinking.

“We still go to the US and to a lesser extent the UK for our business books, and many Australian business books are just as good. So we’re hoping that Your Next Read will create wider awareness of Australian business books, and in particular Major Street books and authors,” says Major Street Publishing Founder and Managing Director, Lesley Williams.

If you are curious about personal and professional improvement and want to know what is your next read - this podcast is for you.

The first episode of Your Next Read is an interview with Kay Bretz, author of Turning Right -- Inspire the Magic and it's out now! 

Listen to Episode #1: Turning Right by Kay Bretz

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