Why write a business book?

When I talk to prospective business book authors, I tell them about the size of the Australian market and try to give them realistic sales expectations. I know when I do this that they are thinking “But my book will do better than that” – and of course we hope it does too. We want every book to be a bestseller!

I then tell authors about the other less obvious returns on investment of their time and money when they publish a business book.

From recent conversations with some Major Street authors, I want to share some of their views on the ROI from their book.

It drives business growth

Business books are an exceptional lead generation tool. Authors share their stories, business experiences and expertise in their books and readers convert to clients.

Melbourne leadership and team performance trainer Shelley Flett told me:

"From a business perspective the release of my book The Dynamic Leader had a positive impact on the work I secured and at least 10% of my annual revenue can be directly attributed to the publishing of this book.

Paul Glossop, CEO of Pure Property Investment and author of A Surfer’s Guide to Property Investing, puts the number higher:

“Since launching my book our business has grown over 40% in the past 12 months alone!”

So how does it do this?

It builds trust and alignment with readers (prospective clients)

New clients need to trust that you will help them and do what you say you will do. Your book will go a long way to building trust and finding the right clients to align with your business.

Stuart Wemyss, CEO of Prosolution Private Clients and author of Rules of the Lending Game and the bestselling Investopoly, says:

"Publishing books has helped me grow my business significantly. Our business heavily relies on our ability to demonstrate expertise and trustworthiness. A book is the best tool that I know of that achieves this. It allows you to share your knowledge, insights and beliefs in a way that is educational, not 'salesy'. As a result, this not only generates a substantial amount of new business, but it attracts prospects that are already aligned to your beliefs.”

In this quote, Stuart also refers to the fact that his books have generated a ‘substantial amount’ of new business.

Andrea Clarke, author of the award-winning Future Fit believes her book has

connected me with like-minded people who share my values and purpose to prepare people for the new workforce that we're now a part of."  

And, again, concedes it has “significantly accelerated ways to grow my business.” 

It creates media opportunities

Many authors who publish with Major Street will run a publicity campaign to coincide with when their book is released. Real estate professional Geoff Grist has published three books with Major Street and told me:

“My books have created several media opportunities with interviews on four property podcasts, plus articles in several magazines which have all contributed to my business growth since my book was published.”

Andrea Clarke calculated that her book generated 30+ large scale speaking opportunities in 2019.

Podcasts and speaking events are fantastic ways to leverage your reach from your book.

Returns from writing a business book

Of course we want to maximise sales of our books through bookstores and online booksellers, but we also love to see our authors take their business profile to the next level when they publish their book. At Major Street we partner with our authors to create a quality publication that aligns with their brand and showcases their expertise. We share their publicity and events on our social media, shout about their achievements and publish reviews.  

We will seek out ways of increasing awareness about our books through organisations like Blinkist or through submitting them for awards and presenting them to potential foreign rights buyers at book fairs. Our author community at Major Street supports each others’ books, inviting fellow authors to be guests on their podcasts, commenting on and sharing their social media posts.

Publishing is a partnership and one that we value at Major Street.

I’ll leave the last words to Geoff Grist:

“Never underestimate the power of a book to deliver a serious return on your investment in your self."

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