YOUR NEXT READ Episode #14: I'm Not a Numbers Person by Dr Selena Fisk



Data is everywhere. Smart watches track our steps and heart rate, social media platforms recommend people we might know and products we might like, and map applications suggest when we should leave home depending on the traffic.

From organising your home budget and understanding social media metrics, to running a side hustle or a multi-national, multi-million-dollar organisation, data expert Dr Selena Fisk says it’s no longer helpful or accurate having the mindset ‘but I’m not a numbers person'.

If you’re interested in improving the way you read, use and interpret data to make better decisions in life and work then listen to this fascinating chat with Dr Selena about her new book I’m Not A Numbers Person.

Topics covered in this chat include:

  • Why organisations need to be ‘data-informed’ not ‘data-driven’
  • How to be objective and overcome our own biases when looking at data
  • How to avoid getting ‘conned’ by numbers and graphs

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I'm Not a Numbers Person: How to make good decisions in a data-rich world is available now.


Dr Selena Fisk is a data expert and consultant who is passionate about helping others sort through the ‘numbers’ to tell the real stories and lead positive change. She fiercely advocates for a world in which we are all data-informed, not data-driven. Selena has mentored executive, senior, and middle leaders, as well as hundreds of others in data storytelling, which has positively impacted the organisations in which they work. With her background in teaching, she has developed resources to promote data storytelling in schools, including two books and an online self-paced data storytelling course. 

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