YOUR NEXT READ Episode #15 Curious Habits by Luke Mathers

A Curious Habit is something useful until it's not. Attention to detail is excellent...perfectionism is a curious habit. Chocolate is awesome...using it as anxiety medication is a curious habit.

In this special episode of Your Next Read our host Luke Mathers sits down with Major Street Publishing's publisher Lesley Williams to chat about his new book Curious Habits.

Helping us embrace the power of curiosity to recognise when habits start to impact negatively our health and happiness, Luke discusses the reasons humans form habits, what makes his book different to other habit books, and why the sea squirt is a main character in his book. 

If you'd like to get curious about why you do the things you do, Curious Habits should be your next read. 

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Curious Habits: Why we do what we do and how to change is available now.


Luke Mathers is an internationally recognised expert in stress, embracing change and leadership. Using neuroscience, ancient wisdom, modern research and the experience of 20+ years running successful businesses he coaches leaders, Olympians and elite athletes on how to find out more about our habits, manage them better and overcome the stress that they can cause.

Luke was one of the founding directors of Specsavers in Australia and ran their number one business in the country.

Over the past decade, Luke found his passion in helping others optimise their performance in life and business. After working with some of the country’s top CEOs, brands and teams to achieve optimised performance through his personal coaching, workshops and events, Luke is now considered a top stress expert and performance coach.

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