YOUR NEXT READ Episode #16 100 Days of Brave by Iolanthe Gabrie

Did you know 20% of small businesses will fail in their first year, 30% will fail in their second, and a staggering 50% of small businesses will fail after five years?

That’s a whole lot of business failure, time, energy and passion unnecessarily going down the gurgler.

Iolanthe Gabrie is a business mentor, speaker and author who has written the ultimate road-tested business guide for anyone who wants to work for themselves and enjoy the freedom and rewards that entrepreneurship brings.

Whether you start with a part-time hustle or dive straight into a new full-time business, 100 Days of Brave offers a three months plan that is based off Iolanthe’s firsthand experience and is a must-read for any wannabe entrepreneur.

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100 Days of Brave: How to launch a business you love in three months is available now.


Digital polymath and director of social media agency Ruby Assembly, Iolanthe Gabrie knows good business.

Creating inimitable brand content of rare depth, Iolanthe is a sought-after digital marketing authority, business mentor, speaker and author with a focus on the startup space.

Iolanthe shares her passion and expertise for very good business via Serious Women’s Business, a 500-strong networking group based in Melbourne, and on her podcast Sell Less. Mean More.

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