YOUR NEXT READ Episode #3: You Don't Need an MBA by Alicia McKay

Is an MBA a ticket to leadership and career success?

We decided to ask Alicia McKay, a leading voice in strategy, change and leadership. Alicia’s book You Don’t Need an MBA is probing, informative and straight-talking and it shares the author’s personal struggles to inspire leaders to cut through the crap and have real impact in today’s fast-moving, connected world. Enjoy this podcast and we think you’ll be seeking out You Don’t Need an MBA for Your Next Read.

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‘In this moment, we need leaders more than ever. But, as Alicia McKay helps us understand, waiting two years for a piece of paper isn't required to make a difference. Start where you are and start now.’ 
SETH GODIN, author of This is Marketing

You Don’t Need an MBA demystifies the skills leaders of the future need and epitomises the brave new world of leadership; united leadership that focuses on real outcomes, not quick-fixes. 

The ability of next-generation leaders to cope with constant change has never been more important or more poorly understood. The world keeps throwing curveballs, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s not that we don’t know we need to change. The gap isn’t knowing, it’s doing. The leaders of tomorrow need to change today.
Alicia McKay draws on the latest global thinking on leadership and outlines a way forward, in plain English and with actionable steps. 


Alicia McKay is a leading voice in strategy, change and leadership. She cuts through the jargon and strikes to the heart of strategy: making smart decisions to do great stuff. Teams and leaders across New Zealand and Australia look to Alicia for strategic leadership expertise. Alicia lifts capability where it counts, unleashing motivated leaders with the skills to have an immediate and meaningful impact is her speciality. 

Working with the top tiers of government, leaders value Alicia for her sharp insight, deep expertise and straight talk. Speaker, author, mentor, consultant, broadcaster, public figure, facilitator, trainer and coach, Alicia’s thinking epitomises the ‘New Zealand way’ of strong leadership.

Alicia McKay's You Don't Need an MBA includes practical solutions for everyday challenges giving readers the immediate confidence that her approach works.

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