YOUR NEXT READ Episode #5: Untangling You by Dr Kerry Howells


If you’ve been encouraged to practise gratitude but feel there’s something getting in the way, then Untanging you: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful? is the book for you. Award-winning gratitude expert, Dr Kerry Howells, explains that we need to work through resentment before we can feel grateful, untangle difficult relationships and ultimately lead a happier life. We ask her why she wrote this thought-provoking book and who it will help. Her answers are so enlightening, you’ll want to make this Your Next Read.

Topics covered in this chat include:

  • Why gratitude is the ‘parent of all virtues’
  • The misconception that we have to be grateful all the time – it’s  a work in progress
  • What are feelings of everyday resentment and how to recognise them
  • Why gratitude is needed in all healthy relationships
  • Why gratitude is misunderstood – it’s not just about positivity
  • Tips for learning how to receive gratitude well
  • What gratitude looks like in Australian Indigenous cultures and other cultures across the world

Available in print and ebook. Find it here and use code YNR to receive 20% off.



Dr Kerry Howells is a thought leader, author, award-winning educator and experienced researcher who has spent over 25 years researching, teaching and practising gratitude. She has presented on the topic of gratitude to audiences around the world as a TEDx speaker and to the United Nations in New York, and is passionate about harnessing the role of gratitude to bring about flourishing relationships, a respectful workplace culture, and ultimately a more peaceful world. She lives in Hobart, Tasmania.

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