Curious about Culture<br><i><small> by Gaiti Rabbani</i></small>

Curious about Culture
by Gaiti Rabbani


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‘Gaiti Rabbani is an excellent writer. She moves seamlessly
between theoretical concepts, her own personal experiences,
and practical application. That’s hard to pull off.
As a living example of Curious about Culture, Gaiti shares
her own rich experiences alongside research-based principles for
how we can all use the power of curiosity and cultural intelligence
to improve the ways we live and work together.’

David Livermore, PhD, President of the Cultural Intelligence Center

Curious about Culture invites readers on a journey of introspection to discover the multitude of cultural influences that shape their view of the world.

Improving cross-cultural engagement starts with understanding yourself. You will uncover your own cultural drivers that will help you cultivate meaningful cross-cultural conversations.

Whether you are on a journey of self-reflection or wish to influence others, this book will help you to understand your own cultural narrative and better connect with people of other cultural backgrounds.

Curious about Culture by Gaiti Rabbani is a practical reference for the enterprising and curious professional.