How not to lose $1 million<br><i><small>by John Addis</i></small>

How not to lose $1 million
by John Addis


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The path to investing success is one of repetitive failure. The learning is in the failing.

John Addis is a brilliant writer, thinker, investor and entrepreneur. For three decades he has been researching, writing about and investing in stocks in Australia and overseas. Over the years, he has made millions of dollars in his funds management business. He also estimates that he has lost $1 million along the way through mistakes he has made. Looking back on his investment career, John has found that the most valuable lessons he has learned came from the stocks and trades that lost money. It is these lessons that he shares in this fascinating new book.

John believes that successful investors don’t concentrate on picking winners; instead they work on minimising risk and avoiding losses. In How not to lose $1 million John shares some of the mistakes he has made over his three decades of investing and, with the benefit of hindsight, the reasons why he made them. These include falling in love with a stock or a charismatic CEO, selling too soon as a stock continues to soar, misunderstanding the business model and not responding to obvious red flags.  

John’s engaging storytelling makes his review of the stocks he invested in entertaining and enlightening. The value of this book is in the lessons investors can learn for their future investing success.