Less Hustle, More Happy<br><i><small> by Claire Seeber </i> </small>

Less Hustle, More Happy
by Claire Seeber


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Be seen, valued and fulfilled at work without selling your soul.

Employees are searching for answers on how to operate in the post-COVID working world in a way that feels right for them. They don’t need more information; they need practical direction on how to apply their knowledge and skills that are relevant. They need it shared in a way that doesn’t feel as if their mum is telling them what to do but, instead, as if a friend is brainstorming with them in a way that makes them feel heard, seen, valued and understood. 

Less Hustle, More Happy is packed with real insights, practical strategies, accessible tools, and a solid punch of laugh-out-loud moments where Claire Seeber shares some of her own career ‘facepalm’ stories.  
In her book, Claire distils her knowledge into a comprehensive blueprint that addresses the evolving challenges of today's professional landscape in a way that feels liberating, not stifling. 

Less Hustle, More Happy is for ambitious individuals who know there must be more to a successful career than just working harder. It is a ‘how to’ guide to get you heard, seen, noticed, and valued in your workplace without selling your soul!