No Sex at Work <br><i><small> by Judith Beck </i></small>

No Sex at Work
by Judith Beck


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No Sex at Work inspires you to see yourself as an individual not a gender. Success at work is not about your sex, it’s about you. It’s about learning certain skills and behaviours to help you excel in your career. 

Judith Beck believes most issues we encounter at work are a result of specific behaviours – it’s nothing to do with our sex. The fact that you are a man or a woman shouldn’t be relevant in determining your success in the workplace. If you want to be among the top 10 per cent of high achievers in the workplace, you need to focus on how to get from A to B as a business professional.  Don’t be side-tracked by the imaginary barriers you believe are holding you back due to your sex. The skills needed for business success are the same for everyone.

Keep sex out of work by focusing on:

  • The soft skills you need to handle certain situations in the work environment
  • The business skills you need to help progress in your career
  • How to highlight your capabilities as one of the 10 per cent of high achievers
  • How to stop categorising yourself as a gender, race, religion, and any other label society puts on us as an individual or a group.