Turning Right -- Inspire the Magic <br><i><small> by Kay Bretz </i></small>

Turning Right -- Inspire the Magic
by Kay Bretz


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“As an ultra-runner, I get asked a lot what is ‘mental toughness’. Is there such a thing, can you train your mind to be tough under pressure? Ultra-running has taught me many things about myself, made me stronger and made me learn how to be adaptable under extreme pressure. These life lessons are not only useful in sport, but also relatable to life and leadership. If you want to become the best version of yourself, whether that’s in day-to-day life, leadership, business, or as an athlete, Turning Right by Kay Bretz can guide you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.”

From the Foreword written by Dion Leonard international bestselling author of Finding Gobi, motivator and ultra-runner.

Turning Right is a book for people, like champion ultra marathon runner Kay Bretz, who desire more from their existence and have the courage to lead a life where they shine brightly. 

Brilliantly interweaving his amazing running journey, with the challenges in his professional and personal life, Bretz leaves behind the reasonable and logical to find the magic. His book will inspire the magic in you too. 

It all starts with Turning Right which will be in book stores by April of 2021.