Go Live! 10 principles to launch a global empire<br><i><small>by Fred Schebesta</i> </small>
Go Live! 10 principles to launch a global empire<br><i><small>by Fred Schebesta</i> </small>

Go Live! 10 principles to launch a global empire
by Fred Schebesta


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Everyone has a good idea. But it might take 39 bad ones before a good idea takes off.

Fred Schebesta, founder of Finder and one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, knows this because it happened to him.

For the first time, Fred shares the stories, mistakes and insights from his incredible business journey – some that he’s never shared until now – to inspire you to kickstart your business idea and reach unimaginable success.

From building websites in his university dorm room in 1999, to successfully pivoting half a billion dollar global business, Finder, into a fintech app during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fred shares the highs and lows of starting a business and reveals his ten guiding principles to build a ‘phoenix’ company that leaves behind a legacy.

Whether you’ve started several businesses, have an idea but aren’t sure where to start, or you’re sick and tired of doing the same thing, this book is the launchpad you need to get fired up and Go Live!


'Fred’s book is human, funny, thought-provoking and most of all inspires you, even ‘has-beens’ like me. I haven’t enjoyed reading a book on business as much as I have reading this. Read Fred’s book and you too could look forward to many failures – and one massive success that will make up for all of them.’
John Singleton, entrepreneur

‘It takes guts to start a business; it takes even more courage to tell people the truth about the journey. Fred captures the challenges of entrepreneurship and global aspirations in a frank and transparent way. If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to be an entrepreneur, Go Live! is for you.’
Naomi Simson, Founder of RedBalloon and  Shark Tank Australia shark

‘Put your carry-on emotional baggage in the locker above your seat and set your biases to permanent flight mode. Prepare for take-off on a fun, informative and brutally honest flight with one of the best in the business.’ 
Adam Spencer, MC, author and host of  The Big Questions on PodcastOne

‘Startups are the lifeblood of the private sector, and those brave enough to at least try need all the support and fresh ideas they can get. Fred’s book is simply bursting with smart tips and encouraging frameworks that are sure to enhance outcomes!’ 
Andrew Banks, entrepreneur, evangelist and  former shark on Shark Tank Australia